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Mpenjati Coffee Farm Tours

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Life should be an adventure!



Mpenjati Coffee Farm is the largest Coffee Farm in South Africa, spanning over 55 hectares of prime farm land bordering the Mpenjati River in the quaint coastal region of the Lower South Coast, KwaZulu Natal.



It offers breath-taking views of the Valley and Ocean, especially at Sunrise, and we love nothing more than driving through these rolling hills.



Book your coffee tour and take a leisurely stroll with us as we explain in great detail how the farm came to be, the challenges faced and lessons learned, all the while introducing you to the different varietals .



Pick a bean or two from our trees at the coffee shop when in season and taste it raw and fresh off the tree, crush it between your fingers and take in the scent of warm KZN soil… use all of your senses to truly experience this magical bean at its origin!



We take you step by step through the pulping, washing, drying, fermenting, hulling, grading and roasting processes… then, while you bask in the aroma of roasting coffee, watch as our baristas pour you the perfect cup at our Mpenjati Coffee Shop.



We will teach you about ratio’s, temperatures, show you how fine or coarse your grind should be depending on what coffee machine you are using and maybe even give you a crash course in some basic latte art. You will definitely leave us knowing enough about coffee to be able to impress your friends!



We also offer more intense and in-depth training for the real aficionado within you as well as intensive barista training for coffee shop owners and their staff.



What are you waiting for? Book your adventure today!