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Farming Coffee

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At Mpenjati Coffee we value the simple things that make a great product… know and understand the terrior, in order to produce outstanding premium single origin coffee.

For generations we've been farming the fruitful soil of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Coffee Tree
Coffee plantation

Perfect Conditions

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Every bean originates from the rolling coastal hills of Southern Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Where the Mpenjati River over millennia has carved a course to the Indian Ocean.
Hot humid summers and mild balmy winters are typical of the region.

Add to that the influence of the oceanic breeze and you have growing conditions almost as premium as the beans themselves.

Beauty of the land

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This land has been shaped with time and the rich dark soils that lie beneath its surface offer a near idyllic substrate. But there is so much more to the surrounds.

What can be said about the lush riverine vegetation that plays host to numerous birds and sanctuary to elusive native bush buck. There is a peacefulness here enhanced by the undeniable background beat of crashing ocean waves.

Mpenjati Natal

At Mpenjati Coffee all these elements combine so that after a season there is on offer a fruit, hand picked, sun dried and sorted to bring out of the best small batch premium coffee.

Savour Mpenjati Coffee, be transported.

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Processing Coffee


Roasting Coffee